MAN. est un projet artistique, porté par le compositeur et multi-instrumentiste Rasim Biyikli. Il signe une musique au croisement de la pop, du jazz, des musiques contemporaines et électroniques. Cet univers musical, et sa relation à l’image, évoque des compositeurs tels que Brian Eno, Yann Tiersen, Angelo Badalamenti ou encore Ennio Morricone. MAN explore un système musical ou se mêlent instruments classiques, toy instruments, interaction logiciel, multimédia et pratique instrumentale singulière. Après avoir signé cinq albums encensés par la critique, un sixième opus est à venir en 2014! 

MAN is an art project from compositor and multi-instrumentalist Rasim Biyikli. From pop to jazz, contemporary and electronic, this musical univers and its relationship to pictures, recalls compositors such as Brian Eno, Yann Tiersen, Angelo Badalamenti or Ennio Morricone. MAN explores a musical system mixing classical and toys instruments, software interaction and experimentations. After five  successful discs with great critics, a sixth one is coming in 2014!

Press Review

::. France .::

LES INROCKUPTIBLES: “An ageless album that carries the traces of time going by with  grace… the time taken that you know is needed so that the music, liberated of the weight of habit and the constraints of fashion, can allow itself to sound as on the first day, all new, and happy in its loneliness. »

VIBRATIONS: “MAN deepens a very personal approach with a strong capacity of attraction. Its calming beauty surprises as much as it enchants. »

TELERAMA: Only one scenic qualification: a rare acoustic phenomenon! »

LE MONDE: “A restrained, but generous. To such an extent that one could imagine a new relationship to the music: a purified approach, as clear as mountain water, clearly approaching limpidity. »

::. UK .::

THE WIRE: “Their vast palette utilises piano, guitar, bass, accordion, melodica and electronics. The slow-spooling, filmic feel of their instant compositions are underscored by the invisible choreography of Ennio Morricone or Nino Rota. »

::. USA & Canada.::

POPMATTERS : “Listening to Helping Hand is like your mind on the edge of sleep, when you’re not sure if the elements of your dreams have carried over into the waking world, or if it’s the other way around. This is the somnambulant journey you take with Man. It is beautiful, shadowy, and illusory. It will leave you hazy-headed and wishing to return. And this is okay; this is good. Allow your mind to follow the water’s downhill path. Let yourself go. Return. »

BRAINWASHED: “Man have really impressed me which is a shame because now I’m going to have to spend money on picking up their other releases. I’m hoping that they live up to my expectations and that Helping Hand isn’t a fluke work of brilliance. »

CYCLIC DEFROST: “French multi-instrumentalists Rasim Biyikli make these twittering sonic flares, industrial machine loops, and wistful piano melodies hang in a delicate balance with one another such that a certain light sweep and guileless spontaneity is upheld.”

ALL MUSIC GUIDE: “The music1s melodic qualities express a naivete close to Pascal Comelade, but Man’s ties with post-rock make it sound more like Godspeed or Landing on a sunny day.”

FOXY DIGITALIS: “MAN master their instruments and have a decent feeling for sound. » Ron Shepper“Helping Hand” captures the contrasting tendencies within Man’s sound, with someone bemusedly rolling furniture across the stage while a chamber ensemble rehearses a pretty

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